Our Success is in our Team.

e-Capture Research and Development S.L., is a technology-based company located in Merida (Badajoz), created to specifically develop the EyesMap product family. Six out of seven of the shareholders within the company are experienced surveyors with more than 10 years working in the 3E/GEO sector.

e-Capture began the research and development work, counting only upon its own funds. In the summer of 2013 the European Institute FEDER-INNTERCONECTA acknowledged our forward thinking proyect and awarded us an important public funds support. As a condition, this funding required the collaboration with other two companies and an additional investment of EUR 1.5M, in order to receive a non-repayable grant of EUR 800K. Both companies involved in this project (Solventia and Toponova) have agreed in the shareholders agreement to leave the owner’s rights of the developed technology fully within the company e-Capture R&D.

Currently, the company is working in two projects: EyesMap and EyesCar. EyesMap has first seen public daylight in October 2014 during the Intergeo expo in Berlin, where we showed the first prototype, generating loads of interest and attention. During 2015 we now finalized the Eyesmap solution which results the product to be ready for sale to the general public in September 2015 and meet with the high expectations.

EyesCar is a project very related to EyesMap, as it uses part of the same technology, but requires an additional investment to complete its development. Its technology validation has been finished. Hence, EyesCar is currently in pilot project phase providing impressive results so far, with strong intention (and expectation) to exceed the performance of current competitive solutions.