We have prepare a simulation of a robbery scene in this case. EyesMap was used for this application using two modules: Depth Sensor scanning and photogrammetry. This kind of scene reconstructions are optimal to use EyesMap, especially for those reasons:

  • - A points cloud of the general scene can be captured accurately using the depth sensor.
  • - Details of the different elements of the scene can be captured using the stereocamera of the photogrammetric module, getting a pretty good accuracy and resolution of those parts, as arms, blood, body special parts, etc.

A detailed 3D Documentation can be captured for this kind of uses.
In this case we have create a 3d points cloud of room area-where the thief have been looking for papers- using the depth sensor scanning. The field work of this part can be captured only in 5-6 minutes.

The details of the pliers and the tools was captured using photogrammetry. The capture time for this action is really short, just a shoot!
After this, the 3d points cloud of the scene was adjusted manually using Cloudcompare in the office. Time: 30 min. In this time others measurements and analysis can be done.

The time consuming was really short, in all the process (field and office work) and the accuracy of the works can be checked in the specifitacion area in this website.
Its very important clarify, EyesMap contain a Certified about the accuracy to guarantee the accuracy of the works, specially for this kind of jobs.