Normally is not an easy task certified and compute numerically the evolution of a patient in a physiotherapy rehabilitation program. It´s difficult to measure points (or surfaces) in the arms and legs (body in general) session by session, during months and do it accurately and fast. We have now a great solution for this and other applications in the medical field. In this case we have measure the legs and arms of a patient in different positions to study their normal flexibility capacity. After the physiotherapy sessions, in the next weeks and months, the patient can repeat the 3D measurements and will see clearly and accurately the evolution in 3D.

The measurements in 3D can be done using depth sensor scanning in real time and if the user need high accuracy, he can support the 3d model using photogrammetry points measurements, which allow measurements with 1 mm of error (at 2 meters of distance from the patient) (see EyesMap spepecifications).

But this is only one application; we see a clear field of EyesMap in medicine; specially in dermatology, sports, external signs in oncology, operation measurements and managements in real time, etc. yes, we can record in 3D a surgical operation and then, review it, do measurements, etc.