Facade documentation is an habitual documentation in architecture. Sometimes images or disto are used to capture this, but the documentation is not complete at all and, normally, inaccurate. With eyesMap is very easy and accurate generate a 3d model, an orthophoto or a wireframe model of a facade even the three documents in the same time, if required.

In this case, we have create a facade of the 'Museo Abierto de Merida' (MAM). This building have big cristals windows, which is not a good companion of photogrammetry and generate noise and bad results, as you can see in the images. For this reason, the windows points were eliminated in the postprocess using CloudCompare software*.

We capture 40 images and we used the 3D Photomodelling module at high resolution. We spent 20 minutes in the automating 3d points cloud generation, 7 min in clean and prepare and generate the orthophoto from CloudCompare and 15 minutes in gereate the plans in AutoCAD.

*CloudCompare is a free software.