Archaeological Site

Nowadays, 3D reconstructions have become one of the best ways to understand our archaeological remains and preserve the historical memory. Larges 3D models of archaeological sites and small archaeological objects can be captured using EyesMap, this is very helpful tool for archaeologist, architects, museums, restoration works…

With EyesMap this is totally possible. The user has to take images of the archeological site, chooses what part of the image wants to be modelled and chooses also the resolution of the final 3D model.

Through intuitive steps, the user gets a dense textured Point Cloud with all the details. Using this points cloud, multitude of studies as sections, plans, measurements… can be done.

One of the advantages of this methodology is that it isn´t an invasive method, it means, the professional doesn´t damage the site or the element, obtaining also a very complete information of the captured object.