eyesMap3D SW

The new professional and powerful software for measurements and 3D photomodelling

• Generate a dense, accurate and texture 3D points cloud

• Measure points, polylines, surfaces from your images

• Generate True Orthophoto

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eyesMap3D SW is an advanced photogrammetric software to measure, generate 3D points cloud and orthophotos.

Use eyesMap3D SW for a wide variety of projects.

to 2 Mill. points


- Generate a dense, accurate and texture 3D points cloud.

- Useful friendly and modern user interface.

- Measure points, polylines, surfaces directly from your images.

- Allow to provide access to the software over the Internet.

- Big and small objects, large surfaces.

- eyesMap3D SW is totally compatible with eyesMap3D Tablet.

- Use your own cameras to capture the images.

- Camera calibration module included.

Other Features: (*)

- Measurements directly from the 3D model.

- Mesh generation with textures.

- 3D model edition (clean, filtering, scale transform, Georreferenciation…).

- Cross sections / Geometry Analisys / 3D model inspections, multitemporal analisys.

(*) The above formats as generated using Eyesmap ensure compatibility with many popular software packages out in the market.