mobile mapping through - advanced photogrammetry


EyesCar is an e-capture pilot project with the aim of demonstrating that the technology and established approach are functional and viable.

EyesCar is a massive capture system of coloured 3D points in urban environments, generated through a series of cameras, IMU and differential GPS-GNSS sensor, located on the top of a car or a any other vehicle. The system captures all the environments it passes by obtaining a 3D point-cloud with photo realistic texture at very high accuracy and resolution.

The EyesCar system requires post-processing. The processing time will vary depending on the computer used and the amount of data, anyway is a 100% automatic process.

Inside the car where the system will be installed, there must be a computer running the associated Eyescar software to synchronise the different elements and organize all information for the post-processing phase. We estimate it is not necessary to use a very powerful computer, a standard Tablet should be sufficient.