Cultural Heritage Documentation

Plans, sections and other measurements works are an important part of cultural heritage preserving works. Monuments, artefacts, indoors scenarios, rich ornaments, church vaults, etc have to be captured faithfully every day. All this documentation needs to be generated fast and accurately. Can the professionals create all this documentation with at high quality using just one instrument? Are there any device which - in situ- allows to capture and generate high quality 3D models of all the elements to be documented? YES.

EyesMap has an outstanding capacity for modelling 3D scenes both indoors and outdoors, as well as capture in 3D large objects like buildings up to small objects like coins. Actually EyesMap is the only device in the market with this all-round capacity and versatility.

EyesMap is an ideal tool for cultural heritage documentation. This work needs capture small artefacts, beautiful church indoors scenarios, castles or paintings but also anticipating on latest developments and trends, the tablet also supports aerial images made by drones, for example, generating beautiful and very accurate 3D models of the buildings from the air (especially useful for roofs).

It may well be concluded that Eyesmap will contribute dramatically to improve the 3D documentation in the wide field of architecture.

EyesMap will definitely change the documentation method in architecture and archaeology. This device will be an excellent way to capture reality, generating a virtual copy of the sites in the computer.

Practical Case

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